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The art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story to get media attention, generate sales leads and grow your business!

Taught by David Meerman Scott


Course Description


David Meerman Scott, founder of the Newsjacking movement, teaches the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story.

Newsjacking can work for all sorts of outfits and people—it doesn’t matter if you are large and well known or tiny and obscure. This technique is already being used by nonprofits, political campaigns, business-to-business marketers, and even individuals.

People you will meet in the course have generated thousands of new sales leads by newsjacking. A few have made millions of dollars by using the ideas taught here. Some of generated thousands of news stories about their company. It can work for you, too.

Learn how to:

  • Generate sales leads and add new customers. For free!
  • Get media attention, With little effort!
  • Grow your business. Faster than ever!
  • And besides all that, there’s a bonus: Newsjacking is fun!

For the past five years I’ve taught the newsjacking technique to hundreds of live audiences in over 20 countries. When I deliver a keynote presentation to an international audience, I charge $25,000.

I’ve taken all I’ve learned about newsjacking and put it into the course, for just $450, a tiny fraction of my keynote fee.


Lesson 1: Introduction to Newsjacking
1.0 Introduction to the Concepts of Newsjacking
1.1 Newsjacking Course Introduction
1.2 The Rise of Newsjacking
1.3 Why I Hate the Famous Oreo Tweet
1.4 The Importance of Real-Time
1.5 Newsjacking Will Grow Your business
1.6 Newsjacking is Like Surfing
Lesson 1 Exercise and Review

Lesson 2: Understanding the News Cycle
2.0 Understanding the News Cycle
2.1 Why Real-Time Journalism Needs Newsjackers
2.2 Own the Second Paragraph
2.3 Tons of Media Exposure
2.4 The Time is NOW
2.5 The Life of a News Story
Lesson 2 Exercise and Review

Lesson 3: Your Expertise
3.0 Your Expertise
3.1 The Rules have Changed
3.2 Getting Reporters Interested in Your Story
3.3 Millions of Dollars in Free PR
3.4 Become the Go-To Source
3.5 Comment on Regulatory Change in Your Industry
3.6 React to Your Competitor’s Announcement with a Media Alert
3.7 Your Expertise is in Demand
3.8 Showcase Your Experts
Lesson 3 Exercise and Review

Lesson 4: Newsjacking to Generate Sales Leads and New Customers
4.0 Newsjacking to Generate Sales Leads and New Customers
4.1 The Disconnect Between Selling and Buying
4.2 Agile Sales
4.3 This Lawyer Finds New Clients via Newsjacking
4.4 Going “Off Script”
4.5 The $16 Million Newsjacking Triumph
Lesson 4 Exercise and Review

Lesson 5: How to Find Your Own News, Jack
5.0 How to Find Your Own News, Jack
5.1 Tracking People You Know
5.2 Monitoring Keywords and Phrases
5.3 Twitter: The Newsjacker’s Essential Tool
5.4 Be Open to Serendipity!
5.5 A Quarter of a Million Dollars from One Newsjack!
5.6 Real-Time News Monitoring with Twitter Moments and Google News
Lesson 5 Exercise and Review

Lesson 6: How to Inject Your Ideas into the News Cycle in Real Time
6.0 How to Inject Your Ideas into the News Cycle in Real Time
6.1 Blog It and Put It on Your Website
6.2 Newsjacking Downton Abbey at MultiCare Health
6.3 Media Alerts in Real Time
6.4 The Power of the Podium
6.5 Live-Stream It
6.6 Add Your Ideas as Comments
6.7 Knock on Doors the Media have Created
6.8 Tweet Journalists Direct
Lesson 6 Exercise and Review

Lesson 7: Danger! Thoughtless Newsjacking Can Damage Your Brand
7.0 Danger! Thoughtless Newsjacking Can Damage Your Brand
7.1 Be Careful Out There
7.2 Add Value but Don’t Sell
7.3 Not Everybody has Your Sense of Humor
7.4 Avoid Very Negative or Controversial Stories
7.5 What’s Your Legitimate Tie to the Story?
Lesson 7 Exercise and Review

Lesson 8: Your Real-Time Mindset
8.0 Your Real-Time Mindset
8.1 Are Large Corporations Doomed to Failure?
8.2 If the CIA Can Operate in Real-Time, So Can You
8.3 Plan for Now
8.4 Meet the Master Newsjacker: Larry Flynt
8.5 The Real-Time Health Club
8.6 Now It’s Your Turn!
Lesson 8 Exercise and Review