“Likes” are great…but they can’t keep you in business. Here’s how to drive your profits to all-time highs using the power of Facebook ads.

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As a local business owner, you recognize that the vital to owning earnings for your organisation is marketing. It does not matter if you’re simply starting or if your company has actually been humming along for many years– you could constantly go larger and also far better with your advertisements … you simply require an approach as well as a system.’s Social Secrets offers you specifically just what you require– the devices as well as techniques to own extremely effective advertising campaign on the advertising and marketing system that is positioned to come to be the most significant EVER.

The Power of Facebook

The lower line? All those customers will certainly TRUST that whatever Facebook reveals them relates to their lives– consisting of the advertisements.

As well as right here’s exactly what a great deal of individuals do not yet recognize: Facebook is no more simply an internet site where individuals upload photos and also speak about exactly what they had for supper … it has actually expanded to be one of the most preferred media site EVER.

Facebook presently has more than ONE BILLION customers. That’s one from every 7 individuals on earth.

Actually, several professionals forecast individuals will certainly transform increasingly more to websites like Facebook to do ALL of their on-line organisation– every little thing from going shopping to checking out information to sharing video clips with buddies. Individuals will significantly TRUST Facebook to provide them the material they desire.

Put Your Ads In Front of MILLIONS of Potential Customers

With all those people putting so much trust in Facebook, you have the opportunity to grow your business like never before – by making sure your product is tantalizingly close to all those potential customers…only one click away.

At some point you’ve probably been on Facebook and seen these ads. You KNOW they can be huge for your business, if they’re done right. Maybe you’ve even experimented with Facebook advertising already, but you need a little help to REALLY nail it.

Social Secrets Is Your Solution

Social Secrets is an online program that teaches you the ins and outs of using Facebook advertising for generating profitable campaigns. Many other courses that teach Facebook advertising focus on getting “fans”, “likes”, “shares”, and other components of the Facebook platform that do not directly drive profitability.

Social Secrets is different. You will learn how to:

  • get started with Facebook Pages, Ads Manager, and Power Editor
  • write highly effective copy for Facebook ads
  • set up successful campaigns, ad sets, and ads
  • use Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities to select the right audiences for your ads
  • find out the BEST types of ads you can run on the Facebook platform
  • set up landing pages for your campaigns
  • analyze the results

Here you have a comprehensive guide to using Facebook ads effectively…and taking your business to whole new levels. We KNOW it will work for you because it has already worked for so many other customers. That’s why we back Social Secrets with our Guarantee:

If you purchase the course and feel it isn’t for you, you get your money back, no questions asked. That’s our Amazing Promise to You.

At we’re all about entrepreneurship. Our experts have spent years developing business strategies and models that help people start and grow their own businesses, because we firmly believe that financial freedom is the ultimate freedom.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with instructors Justin Aquilia and Ezra Firestone to bring you Social Secrets. Justin and Ezra share our passion for entrepreneurship, and they are just as committed as we are to developing business strategies that will help entrepreneurs reach new heights of success.

We’ll Help You Every Step of the Way

When you purchase Social Secrets you’ll learn right from the experts themselves. Justin and Ezra have put in the time, research, and trial and error needed to perfect Facebook advertising…and they want to share their hard-earned secrets with business owners like YOU.

You’ll also get access to our exclusive Social Secrets community. This is an online group of business owners just like YOU…and many of them have built multi-million-dollar companies using’s PROVEN strategies.

And of course you can always contact’s dedicated team of customer-service specialists if you have any questions. We’re here to help you 24/7/365.

Sign up NOW to learn the real Social Secrets…the things that others aren’t teaching. You need to hurry though, because Facebook is creating the future of advertising with every passing second.

With Social Secrets, you’ll be ready for whatever the future may bring.


Ezra Firestone is a partner in BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, and is the company’s head of digital marketing. He runs a private global network of eCommerce businesses and regularly consults for companies across the U.S and Canada. He is the founder/creative director of SmartMarketer, an information hub for do-it-yourself entrepreneurs.

Ezra’s e-commerce and online businesses have given him the freedom of resources needed to help his community through non-profit work. As the head of We Are Family Manhattan, an all-volunteer, no cost of administration non-profit organization, Ezra organizes the re-distribution of surplus goods and food to those in need.


Justin Aquilia saw a need to improve upon many modern advertising systems because these systems do not make it apparent how successful ad campaigns are actually run. To solve this problem, Justin founded Organic Ads, a company that leverages education and technology development to make advertising much simpler for businesses worldwide.

Justin also has a passion for sustainable communities. Through his organization “Farm the World,” Justin aims to bring education and resources to hungry communities around the globe, allowing people to live sustainably off their own land and reduce their reliance on external aid. The first prototype community will be launched in his hometown of Austin, Texas.


Social Secrets shows you how to build profitable advertising campaigns on Facebook. You’ll learn how to build a lead of lists, grow your customer base, and create ads that grow your company’s profits.

Everything in Social Secrets is accessible ONLINE, INSTANTLY through any computer or mobile device, and any web browser (no downloading required).

You get access to everything included with Social Secrets for as long as you want, so that you can go back and review everything you’ve learned and revisit specific lessons whenever you want.

You ALSO get access to the special PRIVATE online Social Secrets community. This one-of-a-kind online community includes business owners from around the world — many who have built multimillion-dollar companies with what we’ve taught.

THIS is your opportunity to meet other driven, motivated entrepreneurs who have gone through the same exact course. And you can get started TODAY!

Here’s what you get with Social Secrets:

  • Eight-week step-by-step online web class
  • Four proprietary software tools
  • Lifetime access to the Social Secrets Ad Masters Group
  • Recordings of eight private weekly group coaching calls
  • Pre-created Facebook audiences, templates, and more!


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